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Hello to all of my friends, seen and unseen, 

I hope all of you are staying safe, and sane, as we continue to deal with politics and COVID dominating the news, and disrupting otherwise worthy conversation. I have just returned from Dallas, where I performed with my Friends Michael Bargo, Frank Farley, and Brad and Donnie Stevens, as the band Stevens Family Tradition. We appeared on the Gospel Music Showcase, on the Daystar Television Network. It is such moments when I thank God for my blindness, as I can listen to the show without being distracted by my lack of physically appealing qualities. :) Never the less, I hope that you will tune in to the show, which airs on Saturday October 31st, at 6:30 Eastern. As some of you know, Frank was my guitar teacher way back when I was a kid, and we still talk or text on a daily bases; the same can be said of my relationship with Donnie and Brad, as I first started playing music with them when I was twelve-years-old. These guys are a talented bunch, and I consider it a blessing to have been a part of such an important performance in their careers, not to mention all of the fun we had hanging out, and the several pounds of steak we consumed during this trip. While they still reside in Eastern Kentucky, and I have been based out of South Texas for a while, we are never more than a phone-call away, and after all of these years, that says a lot. As Kenny Rogers once said, “You Can’t Make Old Friends”. By the way, be sure to check out the two superb Stevens Family Tradition albums, where ever you get your music, and attend one of their performances if you get the opportunity; they are rising high in Bluegrass Gospel, and are nominated for a few Diamond awards this year.

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